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Your Coaching support,

that you can live according to your heart and soul!

I support you in this: 

♥  strengthen your intuition and thus experience more joy and success

♥  recognise your soul energy and your goals accordingly

to get through phases of change into a new reality


I work with this:

Numerology & life rhythms

Coaching with oracle cards  

Rituals for closure and new beginnings 

Spread your wings again and fly!


Karin Maria Pflügler | Profilbild

Hallo, I am Karin Maria Pflügler

Coach & Author
Guid of the new era

My vision is for women to come fully into their power and live a truly fulfilled life! To achieve this, it is so important to work with your own intuition, which is so close to my heart.

We are currently in a time of great change with many opportunities, but also challenges. In order to go our own way now, we need to know ourselves and our desires well. We also need to understand what has prevented us from living the way we want.

Then we need to tackle changes. Small ones and sometimes really big ones. I myself have repeatedly set a new course in my life. Most recently with my move from Germany to Portugal. So I am very familiar with challenges, especially those that involve major changes. When the head begins to bargain with the heart, when fears arise and the lump in the stomach presses. But heart and soul keep whispering, go, it’s the right way …

From the bottom of my heart




Solutions for the new era

You have a goal and just can’t achieve it?

  • Although it actually seems feasible to you
  • You start again and again, work your way forward, but it doesn’t develop well
  • You feel or actually run the same laps over and over again
  • Maybe you keep getting sick
    or something else happens that prevents you from making progress
  • It can show up professionally, e.g. in the development of your self-employment or in private changes that you want so much


Have you ever checked for energy blockages?

The answer is usually no. This is because neither parents nor school normally taught us anything about energy. But we women in particular often sense when something is wrong.
For some years now, quantum researchers have been making this “intangible” more tangible. Bruce Lipton and colleagues have scientifically demonstrated what energy does to us. And what we can do with energy!
Not only Tony Robbins teaches us that 80% is energy and only 20% is strategy, but we hear it from many people who are accompanying the change into the new era. However, this is a big chunk for our minds due to our preconceptions. Internalising this approach and taking a different approach to our desire for change is a process. But one that is more than worth it! Because it makes things so much easier!


How is it in your life?
Do you also feel invisible blockages
and wish for a solution?


You can get this support from me:


I work with high-frequency oracle cards and a special
quantum method that has helped thousands of people for many years. I combine this with my intuitive perception and my coaching experience from the last 10 years. My approach depends on the goal you want to achieve.

I am currently offering the first coaching session for a special price of €85 instead of €120. So take the opportunity and book a free preliminary consultation now!
For more in-depth work on your issues, you can choose between the “Intensive” and “Transformation” packages.

Gipfelstrategie - Eine Frau sitzt an einer Klippe im Hintergrund Berge

For a blockage, that you currently feel in yourself or in your life. 

currently € 85
(instead of € 120)

Offer only valid for the first coaching session.

Gipfelstrategie - Frauen Power - Motivation

You want to work intensively on a topic and strengthen your energy. 

€ 349

Within one month we will work on it in three sessions.

You want to work on several topics and take your energy to a new level.


We will work on these issues in five sessions over six weeks.

If not now, then when?

Das Quantum Energy Coaching is for you if:




you have the feeling that your energy or a project is somehow blocked


you would like support to make a change in your life in order to finally achieve your goal


you have already made many failed attempts


you are open to energetic work

I am a Coach since 2014

That’s what my customers say:


  • With Karin, you really notice her many years of experience. Her coaching is holistic, solution-orientated and full of good energy. Birgid A. 32 years old
  • The last coaching session was a big load off my mind. The solution we developed is brilliant! Tatjana B. 45 years old
  •  I thought my problem was huge and the solution would take forever. But Karin’s coaching made it happen really quickly and I’m just so grateful that it feels so easy now. Julia M. 38 years old

Book a free preliminary talk now!


I look forward to accompanying you!


Karin Maria Pflügler


Karin Maria Pflügler angelehnt an einen Baum

“As a reminder, we plant wishes, desires and dreams in people’s hearts. And to guide them on their way, we give them their talents and abilities.” 


From my book (sorry, only in German Language) 

Glücklichsein und andere Aufgaben

(Happiness and other tasks)


Damit entwickeln deine Vorhaben eine ganz neue Wirkkraft!

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